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of The Living Books about History

Living Books about History is a collection of digital anthologies on current topics of scholarly interest. Each book will feature an introductory essay by the Editors and bring together a selection of scholarly texts and sources. These contributions include articles, images, videos, websites or sound recordings, the majority of which are already freely available elsewhere on the Internet.

This project was inspired by Living Books about Life, a digital publication series initiated at Coventry University in 2011 under the direction of Gary Hall.

The project sees itself as a new form of scholarly publication and seeks to test the potentials of digital media in innovative ways. It revives the anthology form and connects scholarly articles and sources virtually through hyperlinks. Readers can participate in Living Books about History by suggesting further contributions, which will be added to the table of contents after approval by the editors. (For this, please use the function “Suggest a contribution” within the book in question.)

Living Books about History presents especially interesting and unjustly forgotten scholarly articles and sources on current topics. The selection made by the editors serves as a filter and highlights outstanding contributions from among the mass of information available on the Internet.

The project promotes open access in the humanities by bringing together, in a new form, contributions from the Internet that are available free of charge. The contents on the Internet are subject to a range of use rights. In order to raise awareness of the diversity of legal regulations and the complex application of intellectual property rights in the scholarly world, each Living Book about History provides a bibliographic reference to the first publication and the conditions of use of the individual contributions under the rubric “Attributions”. Cf. Copyrights.

All Living Books about History are available in the original language and English.

Living Books about History is a project of infoclio.ch
Project management: Enrico Natale
Conception and content review: Eliane Kurmann
Conception and technical review: Jan Baumann
Website: Mehdi Fertani
Graphic design: Séverine Mailler
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Translations: Pamela Selwyn, Teresa Delgado, Petya Ivanova, Simona Schneider