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Guido Koller is working in the Historical Analysis Services of the Swiss Federal Archives.

Tara L. Andrews is Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities at the University of Bern.

Daniel Speich Chassé is Assistant Professor for Modern History at the University of Lucerne.

Martin Lengwiler is Professor for Modern History at the University of Basel.

Beat Stüdli is a research assistant at the University of Basel’s Department of History.

Almut Höfert is SNSF professor for the transcultural history of the Arab and Latin Middle Ages at the University of Zurich.

Sebastian Schüpbach was project collaborator at the Swiss Federal Archives and now works as scientific collaborator in the project linked.swissbib.ch.

Valérie Schafer is a researcher at the Institute for Communication Sciences of the Paris-Sorbonne University.

Alexandre Serres is senior lecturer in Information and Communication Sciences at the University of Rennes 2.

Martine Clouzot is Professor of medieval history at the University of Burgundy (France).

Marie-José Gasse-Grandjean is a Research Engineer at the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique, University of Burgundy (France).

Anthony Glinoer holds the Canada Research Chair in the History of Publishing and the Sociology of Literature and is a professor at the Université de Sherbrooke (Québec).

François Vallotton is Full Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Lausanne. His research focuses on cultural and media history from a Swiss and transnational perspective.

Dr. Anne-Katrin Weber is currently a Nomis Fellow at eikones - Center for the Theory and History of the Image at the University of Basel. Her research focuses on the archaeology of television.